Accessible Birdwatching in Galloway

Front Cover of Accessible Birdwatching in Galloway

        'It's a super publication and very entertaining.   I love the story of the keys and the cow!!', said one reader.   But what on earth has Accessible Birdwatching in Galloway to do with The Sand Martin Trust?   What indeed!   Well, it is a fund raising project for us.

        Encouraged by comments on a draft, the author, our Adviser, decided to publish it and donate all proceeds to us, but beware, this is not your normal bird guide.   You won't find any photographs in this slim volume (107 pages), or a list of all the birds that have ever been seen at a place with the inference that you might see them.   Just the opposite, and if you don't know Galloway you could be fooled into thinking that it isn't worth a visit after reading this, but don't let the author get away with this, much as he likes his peace and quiet!

        He has chosen not to mention what you might see at some of the Reserves provided through the region (there is plenty of information on those elsewhere, he says) telling you instead where you need to park your vehicle to get the best views in the quieter less well known places (and the nearest public wc to them!)   Here we should mention that this guide is for anyone who has the sense to watch from a vehicle (much less disturbing for the wildlife) not only those who are so constrained.

        One reason that the Trustees decided to accept the author's offer was because the Guide has many anecdotes that indicate his feelings, and should you need to visit our show site for information you would be well advised to be aware of them.    To indicate that you don't know the difference between a birdwatcher and a twitcher, in their extreme manifestations, would find you sitting alone in the hide;  to indicate that you thought twitchers were the keenest birdwatchers is something that you would only do when you had all the information that you needed.   What else would you expect from someone who has spent the last 44 years studying one species.   Fortunately the Guide has a test to tell you where you fall between the extremes.

        This Guide is entertaining enough just as a read whilst you are waiting (for the rain to stop!) so various reviewers tell us, and if you consider yourself to be a crossword buff and think that you know a bit about birds, you could be perhaps the first able to complete it without having to search for an answer.

        UK residents making a minimum donation of 7.50p to The Sand Martin Trust will be sent a copy of the Guide.   Donations may be by Sterling (only) cheques made payable to The Sand Martin Trust, at Kirkcudbright, Scotland, DG6 4NE.   Electronic donations of 7.50p Sterling from UK residents may be made by going to clicking on Charities, Environmental, General, The Sand Martin Trust and then clicking the donate button.   Please note that if you donate by this method you must email us ( telling us when you made the donation and giving your full postal address.   There may be some delay in the posting of the Guide if you choose this method.   You must understand that we cannot refund any monies donated to The Sand Martin Trust.    

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